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In addition to our standard product line we offer a range of services to allow you to get the most out of our products. These services include on-site installation and training, customization, and software and hardware development to meet specialized needs.

On-site Installation and Training

We highly recommend on-site installation and training with our systems. Experience has shown that a customer that receives installation services becomes operational very quickly, without having to face technical and logistic hurdles. Through our training, the customer is able to get the most out of the system from the first day.


We pride ourselves on being a full service company that is able to provide a product customized to meet your organization's needs. We can assist you in developing specialized software or interfaces to meet those needs. We have a range of option packages that can be added to either the GOES Box or GOES Station to address your specific requirements. If these packages do not provide the desired functionality we offer three alternatives:

  • We can provide services to modify or create software to address a specific need.

  • We have a toolkit available that allows your software developers or scientists to work with the satellite data in our gridded data format. This is an easy to work with format that is not specific to a particular satellite. The toolkit provides services to generate or request the required data and quickly and easily make use of it within a customer developed application. The toolkit also includes developer support services to help you resolve any technical issues.

  • You can access the raw data in a satellite-specific format using a number of networking options and write your own software to work with this data. This option is available at no additional cost.

Software and Hardware Development

We also provide contract development services of both software and hardware, related or unrelated to our weather satellite systems. These services are by arrangement and available as our resources allow. Our forte is small projects that have a mixed hardware and software development requirements. Contact us if you have a project.

For more information and pricing on the various services we offer or our toolkit contact Automated Sciences by phone at 860.886.8368 or email us at:

74 River Road Preston, CT 06365 USA

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