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Frequently Asked Questions
From which satellites can data be received?
The two geostationary operational environmental satellites (GOES) that provide data to the Western Hemisphere are GOES-West, located over the eastern part of the Pacific Ocean and GOES-East, centered over the Amazon River. China and Japan each have GOES satellites covering their respective regions at 105° E and 135° E. Polar operational environmental satellites (POES) provide more detailed data than GOES satellites, with each of the multiple POES satellites covering the entire earth every 12 hours. The Automated Sciences systems the GOES Box and POES Box can receive data from all of these satellites. For more details, including a map of satellite coverage areas, check out Weather Satellite Systems 101.

How does a weather satellite system differ from obtaining images on the internet?
  • With a weather satellite system, data is sent to you and is locally available for instant access; the software can immediately display the data. The internet, on the other hand, requires connecting, finding, and downloading the images, which may take a significant amount of time or effort.

  • Weather satellite systems fulfill a mission critical role, providing data, without interruptions, during the severest of storms. Weather satellite systems, unlike the internet, do not depend on the integrity of complex communication infrastructures. During severe storm conditions when weather data is most valuable, a weather satellite system is reliable.

  • A weather satellite system provides you with all of the satellite data available, fully navigated and calibrated, so you can use it and work with it. It is not simply a static, unreferenced picture like that available on the internet. With satellite data you can view all the spectral channels without compromising spatial or temporal resolution.

  • Our SuperLooper and Rapid Visualization Tool (RVT) software are specialized tools that allow you to rapidly work with and analyze the data in ways that you can't on the internet. Especially the Rapid Visualization Tool (RVT) software efficiently utilizes the vast amount of data in the satellite data stream to allow easy and rapid viewing of a wide variety of scene and to perform meteorological processing algorithms on this data. Without the satellite's full data stream, this would not be possible.

What operating system do the workstations use?
All of our systems utilize the Linux operating system, with a modern 2.6 kernel, providing a high degree of reliability and stability, ease of use, network enablement, and performance. We continually work with the latest Linux distribution and ship systems with the newest version available.

How easily can the collected data be shared among multiple users or different branches of our organization?
Sharing images among multiple users or different branches of your organization is very easy. If multiple individuals in the organization want to work with and manipulate the satellite data, multiple RVT Workstations may be deployed. Or, the SuperLooper software may be run as a Java Applet within common web browsers on multiple operating systems connected to the same network, using the GOES Box as a data server. This goes beyond simply exporting images, as with these options multiple users have fully navigated and calibrated image data, and can perform their own image processing.

The Automated Sciences RVT workstations allow the exporting of data as images that can then be used by others within your organization, or shared outside your organization, and these images may be viewed using standard, off the shelf software.

What facilities are necessary to support a GOES Box, POES Box, or Multi Satellite System?
For the GOES Box, POES Box, or Multi Satellite System (MSS), satellite dishes need to be installed. The GOES dish simply needs an unobstructed view in the direction and at the proper elevation angle of the satellite. For POES systems, in order to ensure that the dishes can clearly receive the satellite signals, a reasonably unobstructed view (clear above a 3° elevation angle) of the surrounding horizon is desirable. One story buildings and objects less than 4 meters in height will not interfere with the satellite's horizon. It is preferable to place the POES tower such that POES dish obstructions are minimized as much as possible. Automated Sciences will provide installation support for your system's satellite dishes.

Clean power and surge protectors are necessary for the workstations to operate, and a backup generator is desirable.

An internet connection is not necessary for routine use of the systems. However, it is most convenient for the user and for us to be able to remotely access the system when required to service issues. This can be done through a minimal internet connection, such as a modem.

What type of support is available after purchasing a system?
Automated Sciences offers full on-site support for the installation of the system, including basic maintenance suggestions and training on the software. After the installation, we continue to make ourselves available to answer any questions you may have or look into issues, to ensure that you get the most out of your system. The high resolution systems come with 2 year support and warranty. We offer extended warranty and support packages.

The Automated Sciences systems have most of the features I'm looking for, but I also want the system to have some specialized capabilities. Is this possible?
This absolutely is possible. For many of our customers, our basic system meets or surpasses their needs, but for many others, their organization requires specific specialized features that are not commonly included with a weather satellite system. Our engineers gladly work with customers to create customized software to meet their needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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